Tips & Tricks

Customizing Latex Masks

Mad Monster Masks are shipped in standard half-mask form, so the forehead goes up well into a natural hairline. If you have hair that works with the mask, we absolutely recommend cutting it at your hairline! Use a pen, marker, or even eyeliner to mark your hairline and simply cut the latex with scissors to let your locks free.

You can also use wigs and hoods to cover the back of the mask:

And you can use acrylic paint to further customize the look of your Mad Monster Mask if you desire.

Getting a great fit

Our masks are all sculpted on a generic head. The head form is actually called “Mr. Generic.” As long as you have human features, you should be able to get a great and comfortable fit. Here are some suggestions to make it better:

♦ The fit of both the latex masks and the vacuform masks can be improved by adding or removing foam. Mattress foam (also called upholstery foam or polyurethane foam) can be hot-glued into the masks under the jaw or at the forehead.

♦ On latex masks, use scissors to cut away any problematic areas such as around the eyes or nose that might be too close for comfort.

♦ The elastic can be loosened or tightened as needed via the knots on the ends.

How to Wear Your Mask

The jaw goes on first, sitting snugly against your chin with the elastic spread over the crown of your head.

  The face goes on second, with the elastic directly behind your head.

Care and Maintenance

Store your Mad Monster Mask out of direct sunlight to prolong the life of the latex. They hold their shape the best when left on a head or face form without weight on top.

After wearing, clean the inside of the mask with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.

If the elastic comes through the latex, simply push it back through the hole and tie an additional knot.