Welcome to Mad Monster Masks – the masks with movable jaws! Our masks are two pieces, which allows the jaw to move with your own when you eat, drink, speak, and SCREAM! They’re comfortable enough to wear all night whether you’re at a party or working at a haunted attraction.

The masks move like an appliance, but they’re on in seconds and there’s no glue to remove at the end of the night. Just black out around your eyes and mouth and you’re ready to go!




How it Started

Mad Monster Masks, the masks with movable jaws, were created by practical makeup effects master Ralis Kahn in 2013, as a solution to the most common problem for mask-wearers: you can’t booze it up with a mask on!  You have to remove the mask and break the spell if you want to eat, drink, smoke, or even speak clearly.  Whether you’re at a party or working in a Haunt, that just sucks.  And so with function in mind, Ralis (who is also responsible for the masks worn by the world-famous metal band Slipknot) has hand-sculpted these two-piece masks in his signature style.  The masks are based on traditional monsters, but with a fresh (or rotten?) perspective.


Who We Are

Mad Monster Masks is run by Ralis and Katie Kahn.  Ralis is a special effects makeup artist, and Katie is a clothing designer and seamstress.   Together we make all of our masks and costumes in sunny, southern California!


There’s More!

And for all of you Haunters out there, you may be pleased to know of Mad Monster Masks’ brother company, The Mad Monster Lab.  It’s a DIY special effects show, created and hosted by none other than the Mad Monster himself (which is Ralis, in case you haven’t been following along).  You can learn how to make prosthetic transfers, horrific makeup effects, and even a gunshot rig that doesn’t require explosives!  Go to www.themadmonsterlab.com or visit our youtube channel to learn more.


Transworld Halloween Show 2017

Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show Booth 727 March 23-26th, 2017 St Louis, Missouri This is the big one! Come visit us at boot 727 at The Americas Center in St Louis to get a great deal on masks and see our new designs for 2017.


The best way to contact us is via email at:


We are located in Yucca Valley, California.